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Stop adding useless crap.


Why do Zerkers have a 30% resistance to Howlers?


 Zerkers are meant to fear them, now its a case of, oh well. Its only a howler, lets beat the shit out of it. 

Stop adding all this stupid resistance crap and you aren't even asking or discussing it before doing it. All of this is pointing towards disaster! 

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Add a NECROSSIN boss zombie.


Primary Attack: Suicide

Passive Ability AOE: Revive Zombies at the place they die

Secondary Attack: Bans Admins

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- Damage counters for humans (Allow them to turn it on and off in the options menu)


-Reduce heacrab and fastie damage, and make them stronger in damage whilst they are in radius of other fasties/headcrabs.

This will simple stop all the commotion with fasties/headcrabs being to OP, because usually no-one complains when 10+ are chasing after you.

Having one or two fast zombies plus a headcrab chase after you will leave you are low heath no matter what gun you have. For example

Base headcrab damage 7, when in radius of other headcrab damage increases slightly to 9,10, same for fasties.


-Fix Berretta view model, or just remove it completely.


-Fix scoreboard saying zombies are a berserker/medic etc when they die or change team.


-Allow Skillpoints to be given out to people who deal massive percentage of damage towards a zombie.

The current assist system fails to give Skillpoints to humans who shoot rounds and rounds of bullets in a zombie.

Extreme amounts of ammo is lost effortlessly for no reason and hard to get back as Skillpoints aren't given back in such a way.

3.0 uses a similar system and it works better with the POINTS/KILLING ratio.

Skill points are like a currency in zs, so it's similar to when more money is printed prices go up (inflation)


-Make some sort of notification HUD resembling a + which pops up on top of humans heads when they're seriously damaged,

for Medics. Usually it's near impossible to see who needs HP and who doesn't (well for noobs) (Make the + appear similar to how skill points does on zombies)


-Current zombie spawning system ALLOWS zombies to spawn way too close to humans, and causes a butt-rape at early rounds on certain maps.


-Stop C4 placement spam, allow C4 to be places away from others just like the old mr green.


-Why does your turret magically come back to your hand after it's been destroyed?


-Why do I need to pay the taxman 20SP to deploy a turret I've already bought.


-Reduce howler scream damage (They hurt your eyers not your insides)


-Add STRONG perk for support (Allow them to pick up heavier objects and rotate them)


-Add SHARPEYE perk for marksman (Allow them to see ethereal easier than other classes)


-Add Resistant perk for engineer (Make them invulnerable to their own C4)

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Pufulet:  Mr.Zombie Survival, Map Saviour, Innovator and Most Skillful and server destructeur ..

Since he's handling the server, there are no players, can't connect to server, and much much unplayable perks, not visible stuff -icons (weapons, etc.. )

Need to change ...

No one plays pufuzs. 

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Cevadope is just a troll, who has nothing better to do than go to every zs server and call them bad.

He's zs fanlist material, clearly...



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funny how you blame Pufu for doing his best to try to fix Duby's mistakes 


not to mention the influx of players when Pufu was developing the server.  Eventually people realized ZS is unfixable and stopped playing.

lol keep thinking that. thats why no one play pufuzs. pufuzs should be closed now and laid to rest.

Cevadope is just a troll, who has nothing better to do than go to every zs server and call them bad.

He's zs fanlist material, clearly...



I'm already on the fanlist. xD

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