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Gameserver: TF2 Payload

Age: 17

Country of origin: The Netherlands

Hi! I'm Rachel (Ingame: Rachelz). Most ppl now me from the Dutch Forums!

I really like to play games and I have this TF2 addiction I can't get rid of... I'm a very active player and if I play in a server, it's always a Green server. I prefer payload, but sometimes I also like a few rounds arena.

I always wanted to make and application, but I was too busy with school and stuff, but since I'm done now, I have all the time in the world!

(Hmz, sounds a bit nerdy for a girl... doesn't it? But well, gaming is awesome I guess...)

My experiences with Mr. Green:

I remember it like it was yesterday... My friend got banned in a MTA server, so we switched to Green and since then I didn't want to leave anymore. I met some awesome people and had a lot of fun... (I even had a wedding wth... XD), but then something went a bit wrong and that made me left Green, but after a while I came back! First I had a few problems with the others, but I think and hope that's all over now and I've even made some more friends. I really enjoy talking on the forums and spamming the shoutbox! :D (Which some ppls hate)

Why I would fit:

I've already been admin on a server + community, so I have a bit experience. Also, I would have to admit that I do not always agree with decisions that you guys make, but that's life and there will always be a way to make everyone a bit happy.

I can be fair... Sometimes maybe a bit too fair (though I don't know if that would be the right description), cause I always hate it when people can not say what they want too. It can make me argue a lot and I think some of you will know what I'm talking about! But I don't think that's bad if you can be influenced by other people :P

When I'm playing ingame, I always have fun with people and sometimes I talk too much, what makes me lose... A bit stupid, but it's all about the fun! :D

Now I'm not going to say that you guys from the crew are my biggest friends and that we really like each other, cause I don't know what some of you are really thinking, so that would be stupid XD And of course, I don't know everybody that well, but that could always be changed, since I love talking!

Another reason why I think I should be admin: Your admin team needs some boobs! (Now don't get mad cause I used the word boobs, like some of you did the last time I used it...)


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I think you will fit in.

- Experience

- Friendly *as seen on Mr-Green forums*

- And it does need boobz.

Good luck!

EDIT: And it's a nice app.

I fully agree with Boter, and i have seen her playing often.

That, and I sometimes talk to her on steam. About, well, nothing really :V

Nice girl. Hope she wins :)

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You'd be a good admin, as you play a lot on zeh servar. :)

And when we play there are some moments that we really need an admin, but there isn't one, so if you'd be an admin, you could start handling in stead of hoping another will do it. :P

We don't really need boobz, what we need is a good admin and I'm sure you'd be a good one. :V

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Anyway, you're a good candidate, although I don't know if you're cut out for the admin job.

Can I ask why? :o

You just don't seem much like the admin type to me... but anyway, the application will be taken into consideration. Don't expect a short-term judgement though! We're way too lazy for that.

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To be honest, I think she would immediately ban anyone that kills her, but if she posts a picture of herself or her b00bs, then the answer is yes.


I thought the same but didn't want to reply, but well I can do that now.

BlueYoshi properly the most fucked up I've heard in a long time.. If you want boobs and girls go find them IRL.

Normally I do not comment on applications outside the zs server, but well, we could use a real girl admin (some of you know what I mean, lol), not because it's the only thing that makes you worth to be admin.

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You guys are missing one fact! A half year ago, I just had a sig with my boobs on it, but then half Green got angry... But anyway, i think he's talking bout that... Still not funny though, cause I'm trying to be serious now :')

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