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Matiasz's Application - Admin, MIX


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Nickname/s: Matiasz, Matoosh ( - of course clan tag before my nickname )  :)

Gameserver:  MIX
Name: Matthew
Age: 20
Country: Poland
Birthday: January 24, 1995, 23:45 (GMT +1)
Experience: Yes, ~ 1 year as Minecraft admin on polish server which doesn't exist now.
Minecraft name: ~ I don't play anymore.
Steam Community profile: Matoosh
Something else:
Hi guys. Do you want know more about me? Just ask, I'll answer :) I have not idea what I should write. Work as admin is easy if you just keep an eye on people's behaviour, and so on.


More info:

• Member Since 21 July 2014

• Player Since 14 July 2014


I look forward to transfer gc.


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