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r0cK's Admin Application


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Gameserver: MrGreenGaming.com RACE and MIX
Age: 20
Country of origin: Belgium
Link to Steam Community profile *: http://steamcommunity.com/id/thisisjustforatest/
Minecraft name **: N/A
Ingame name: KoM|r0cK
Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:


- My real name is Sibrecht, I am 20 years old and live in Belgium. My main language is Dutch.


- I have never been taught English in school, all done it myself by playing games since I was 8.


- I have 4 brothers, Ages; 18 - 19 - ME - 27 - 28.


- I followed nursing in school. Now I'm working in Unilin Belgium and from March 2016 I got my permanent contract. (factory specialized in laminate, insulation, vinyl, ...)


Picture of me and my best friend:



I'm not new in MTA, I play since 2009 on a daily base. I've been playing roleplay for the past 4 years and some racing in Mr Greengaming now and then. Now the time has come I quit roleplay definitive. I came back to Mr Greengaming and I am enjoying myself every day.

Since September I'm playing each single day in the race server and sometimes in the MIX. Due to the high amount of pro's in the racing server my skills have been going up amazingly lately.

Since November I'm playing 90% of my time in MiX as I joined KoM and I kinda like the maps there too.


The reason I apply for administrator is because I'm known with the job. In roleplay I have been an admin and gamemaster(supporter) which helps people with their questions and roleplay stuff. My English is not perfect but it's fairly okay to be an administrator.  


Edit: I've seen a lot of blockers and some server advertisements whilst none admin/mod was online or active. I hope in the near future to pick a role as moderator or administrator to "eradicate" these server advertisements, blockers, offensive people, ...   -_-


In short I'm ready to take responsibilities as an administrator.



If you have any more questions, you can always pass them to me.
PS. You can add me on steam as I'm playing MTA with steam overlay.




Sibrecht aka KoM|r0cK

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Until a few weeks ago I had no clue who you were xD

But you are definitely active in MrGreen which can only lead to good stuff :)

Good luck, bro. After reading your application I got to know you a lot more :P

Cya in game X) 


Thankyou for your positive feedback Megas

See you in game.



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You have the looks and style to be Admin. I'm vouching for you, good luck!  :)


P.S. I just f*cked up really hard on the last recording... When I tell you what happened you will laugh your ass off...

Thankyou so so so much Vilen! And omg you promised to make me famous! I'm curious now :P

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