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Core Markers

Guest AleksCore

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Guest AleksCore

Hello, Mr. Green! I want to introduce you my new Core Markers. Yes, another random markers.

coremarkee копия.png


How do they work?

When you pick up the marker you get random power-ups.

About what random power-ups are you talking?

There is 9 kinds of power-ups.

coremarkersSHOW копия.png
1. Boost - speed-up your vehicle to 180++ km/h
2. Rocket - shoots a rocket.
3. Repair - no comments.
4. Oil - doing the oil puddle behind you so somebody could get slipping on it and get crashed into the tree. :D
5. Spikes - drop the spikes behind you, they can blow the tires yea.
6. Magnet - slowing down the player in front of you. If you are 5th it will slow 4th player. If you are 1st it will disappear without any effects.
7. Hay - drop the hay bale behind you.
8. Barrels - drop the barrels behind you, they do damage only for the player who hit them.
9. Ramp - drop the ramp behind you.

I want to use your markers in my maps, what should I do?
1) Place the object with ID "3798" in your map anywhere where you want to see the markers.
2) Open your meta.xml file in map folder and place this line:

<include resource="coremarkers" />

Can I change respawn for this markers?

Yes, you can do it. Just add this line in meta.xml:

<setting name="#coremarkers_respawn" value='5000'></setting>

5000 it's a time in ms. 1s = 1000ms. Default is 10s

P.S. Example of meta.xml


    <include resource="coremarkers" />    
    <info gamemodes="race" type="map" name="New Random Shit" author="AleksCore" version="1.0.0"></info>    
    <map src="race-newrandomshit.map" dimension="0"></map>    
        <setting name="#skins" value='[ "cj" ]'></setting>        
        <setting name="#maxplayers" value="[ 128 ]"></setting>        
        <setting name="#useLODs" value="[ false ]"></setting>        
        <setting name="#gamespeed" value="[ 1 ]"></setting>        
        <setting name="#ghostmode" value='[ "false" ]'></setting>        
        <setting name="#time" value="0:0"></setting>        
        <setting name="#vehicleweapons" value='[ "false" ]'></setting>        
        <setting name="#minplayers" value="[ 0 ]"></setting>        
        <setting name="#weather" value="[ 0 ]"></setting>        
        <setting name="#gravity" value="[ 0.0080000004 ]"></setting>        
        <setting name="#waveheight" value="[ 0 ]"></setting>        
        <setting name="#respawntime" value="[ 5 ]"></setting>        
        <setting name="#locked_time" value="[ true ]"></setting>        
        <setting name="#duration" value="[ 1800 ]"></setting>        
        <setting name="#respawn" value='[ "timelimit" ]'></setting>
        <setting name="#coremarkers_respawn" value='10000'></setting>    


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Guest AleksCore

Blame ghosts. Ghosts ruin gameplay on all maps with barrels, also if ghost explode it will explode you too if you are close.

Ywa, there is default gta sounds like if you pick up checkpoint

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