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Mr. Green Gaming

Why do MOST people seem to be against my every post? -.-

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they say the pic i done was shit aswell -.- and that i fail...

put downs or wha? or are they always like this to the new guys and i say im not on the server every other day and when i say ill make vids n promote it theyz like noooo XD

but i placed in the right place after and still a "FAIL" COS IT LOOKS like a spoon on a gun? -.-

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They aren't "against" you, you just post in the wrong places. You made a thread about your GMod Contest entry, while you have to post that in the thread made for it. That's why some say "FAIL!!!!" or something related.

And your admin application is posted in someone else's admin application thread.

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i did shout it on the shout box but noone listened thats why im getting at - .-
because u double post and we dont know you :rofl:

EDIT: i am not against u, well i am a bit because people think i am you <_<

lol who thinks i am you <>.<>?

botervoloot does because he says i have same application as you (i never copied or shit ;o)

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