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Gunner21's Application


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Gameserver: MTA San Andreas - MIX Server
Age: 16 (Turning 17 in Feb)
Country of origin: India
Link to Steam Community profile *: kunvarjit21 (I guess it isn't needed for MTA)
Minecraft name **: N/A
Ingame name: CnT|Gunner21 or Kebab (Sometimes)
Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Hello, my real name is Kunvarjit Singh. I'm currently living in New Delhi, India. For now, I'm in my last year of high school and turning towards college soon. As of subjects, I'm looking forward to become a Mechanical Engineer. My hobbies are like playing basketball, lawn tennis, ofcourse, PC. The usual games I play are CS 1.6, CSGO, CoD 4, MTA. I'm kinda used to photoshop as well. But mostly I play MTA.


As of MTA Career, I started MTA in March 2011. But wasn't really know about Racing/MIX servers and started with Cops n Robbers server. I played like 2 years while it had roleplay, races, jobs, etc. Then I moved on and found Mr.Green Gaming and started on race server and then turned to mix where I found it more fun than server. Probably, journey of Mr.Green Gaming started with joining KR - Megaz and soon turned to CnT - Cena. Its like more than a year or so, I've been registered with Mr.Green Gaming and playing.


As of admin, I believe i've gained much trust of players and I will prove myself to the fullest of my capability. I can easily handle tasks and independently. I'm also active even though I'm AFK, I'm still watching over the screen. I know you guys might not be convinced of me as you might think I didn't contribute much to forums, IRC,etc. I rather have fun and enjoy the server with others and shall do my duties, tasks and responsibilities I will get as an admin/moderator. I should be unbiased and treat all equally after getting such position or so. Last but not the least, thanks for reading and I hope for positive results.


Thank you



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