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#MaRiAnA Mute Req.


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proxy_sa 2016-04-30 01-32-51-21.png

proxy_sa 2016-04-30 01-35-50-21.png

Fran2000 Pics 1-3, my pics 4-5

1st Pic Traduction Chat

#MaRiAnA: C'mon Weed

#MaRiAnA: Peruvian rotted lol

2nd Pic:

#MaRiAnA: Santi

#MaRiAnA: is gay

#MaRiAnA: it eats

3nd Pic:

#MaRiAnA: hahaha Fran you follow eating hahaha MalParido (bastard)

#MaRiAnA: Motherfucker

4th Pic:

#MaRiAnA: santi you're a shit

#MaRiAnA: Motherfucker

#MaRiAnA: fucking ugly

#MaRiAnA: I saw you and you're ugly millet

5th pic:

#MaRiAnA: MoshPit stupid why silence me mongolian


She is well with everyone else. It Doesn't work ignore why she insult to all.

She's bossy for some people. She does not want to say such a thing.

But she is talking more and insult me and some people.

Can Mute for 1 Week?

This is the first warning for her

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