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What's wrong with server?

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Sadly this just happened :

✶ Quit: [AFE]Ryuzaki has been kicked (Timed out (timeout detection)) 
✶ Quit: .:KoG:.dzejzet has been kicked (Timed out (timeout detection)) 
✶ Quit: Passat has been kicked (Timed out (timeout detection))

Also @sweetsandy says he's got NetTrouble as before, and FTP for map uploads isn't working :(

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21 hours ago, MegasXLR said:

FTP works fine but I got 3 Network Troubles in 10 seconds... everyone just timedout aaand forums is incredibly slow at responding to anything i click on :\

Forum works as same as before for me

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✶ Quit: [MgC]zole Timed out
✶ Quit: GetKolbasz Timed out
✶ Quit: |By|ArtistGenc Timed out
✶ Quit: =FoX=rovan. Timed out
✶ Quit: [email protected] Timed out
✶ Quit: LukasVieira Timed out
✶ Quit: GabbyJanitor59 Timed out
✶ Quit: GreedyWarlock49 Timed out
✶ Quit: Jack123 Timed out
✶ Quit: sinclan|~Dmau5~ Timed out
✶ Quit: Lasse Timed out
✶ Quit: Helena Timed out


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