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gc trials

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1 hour ago, wooozie said:

pretty much EVERY fuckin time you press 1/2.... it bugs the skin and youre screwed. and then most of the times you cant turn it off and youre stuck either with reconnectin or tryin it again next map. its gettin really annoying.

I am happy I didn't buy that sh*t as I was going to. Hope it will be deleted or fixed soon.

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Guest AleksCore

Spent many hours trying to fix this perk (*red eyes*), but seems like it can't be fixed. Much bugs. Flipping 360 can't be fixed. I'll look into animations later, but there also serious bugs as you may know. Currently fully disabled this perk and if it won't be fixed - I'll make full GC refund. If it'll be half-fixed - I guess I'll refund half GC. 

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Guest AleksCore

I was looking into GC Trials code today and found how to fix animation. After that I decided to look into 360-flipping again and seems like I fixed everything about this perk. If you'll still have any big troubles with this perk - please report here.

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