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Mr. Green Gaming

Maher Admin/Mod Application


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Gameserver:MrGreenGaming, Mix/Race.

Age: 17

Country of origin:Palestine (Israel)

Link to Steam Community profile *:---

Minecraft name **:---

Ingame name: Maher

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin/mod:

Because I sometimes join in the morning and I see everyone camping, breaking the rules and everything else so I decided to make an admin/mod application to make our server more fun to play and more safer to play, to be like one hand with all players.

Now days I'm active and I can help anyone, anything they need I'm here as well.

So, I hope I will be an admin or mod this time, because I will really try all my best no matter what :)

And i'd be happy if I'm really fit to be Admin/Mod

I sometimes go into the server race/mix and i type /admins , most of the time there is 1 admin which is he afk or even mod, so i just wanted to help you all.

Also I am not really sure because if my english is really good or something, i guess.

So yeah i posted a photo of me, hope y'all will see it :)

So I also wanted to be admin/mod not because I am a fan of this server, just for fun and let everyone play happily, freely, So i decided to make that application..

Thanks for reading :gmod:


Playtime: (School time: 9 - 12 hours in a week)

(Breaks: Up to  10 hours per week)


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