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Mr. Green Gaming

Neconom's application as admin for the RACE server


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Well hey guys, welcome to my admin application :)

Gameserver: Mr.Green RACE
Age: 20
Country of origin: Germany
Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Im 20 years old, my actual origin is lithuania but i grew up in russia, so i understand almost 4 languages,
since 2004 im living in germany. My ingame nick is Neconom, it used to be Epica/Deidara, I guess
someone of you old players does remember me I think. I do fit for the admin on the RACE server because
I know the RACE server pretty well,  I know their players and the matter, I became some rusty after a year of break, I have seen alot of new players and new maps, but im back. Im actually a calm person, im helpful and I have knowledge about 
whats going on the RACE. I think im mature enough to handle to be admin. I personally think banning 
players is the last option which a admin does,there are enough other ways to solve game problems.
I hope you guys could give me a chance, thanks.


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