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Guest AleksCore

@Ywa Now tops will be added to DB with a racemode information (`racemode` column). Empty racemode fields for old toptimes I updated half-manually using mysql queries and mad skillz :lol:

I can make the same for monthly tops if needed. That's maybe not the best solution to keep racemode name for ~622 000 rows, but it works nice etc. Don't see any problems with it

P.S. db use short racemode names (click)

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Looks interesting. It would also be cool to have a list similar to how good ol' Littlewhiteys MTA sever handled player stats (see pic). As I recall, you could click a player name in the list and you could then see the maps on which that player had a top 1 time. You could choose to sort the list by the different columns. Good stuff :-)


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9 hours ago, Patya said:

Is there any chance to watch all toptimes (outside #8) on the web? (or on the server)

Yeah, you just simply type /tops <any amount> . I think there's a toptime table somewhere on the Forum but that one sucks as you have to search by maps who made the tops on it, so i'll recommend u to use /tops 8 ingame.

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