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delete cargame

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nobody likes it i seriously can't name 1 person

shooter rarely gets voted to get played again anymore, i remember back in the days shooter was the most popular gamemode

why was it even made? shooter was great as it was originally

why don't other gamemodes have something like this?

its only a big waste of a good round of shooter

even myself have started voting 1 because cg is so dull

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13 minutes ago, tyfusjap said:

Well considering it almost never gets played i assume people don't like it 

Its nice mode but it shouldn't get mixed up with shooter. Cargame and shooter and different mode which are kinda "alike" but they are not the same which I suggest to make it separate from SH but don't delete CG.

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15 minutes ago, mr.reese said:

it's good in this way because CG balances gamemodes. SH won't be play too much now and nts usually dont get 3 rounds so it's totally in balance now

DD Usually gets the full 3 rounds though

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