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40 minutes ago, sweetsandy said:

people insult each other with swears all the time on the chat and all of you  got offended by 'asshole':faceslap:

this is hilarious, i called out Cena and the guy has his friends answer for him, he must be as sensitive as those pubes on his chin.

Okay then, consider me educated.



I didn't tell anyone to answer for me and they still did, which means they do agree with me muting you. Now you either learn from it or just keeping doing the same mistake, but the next time it won't be mute 2 days :) I see players insulting each other over the chat, but usually its for fun (friends) or its just a little fight for 2-5 mins between 2 players and its over, but big fights I do take actions against it. You called me an asshole for deleting a map? Thats the stupidest reason ever. I am not your friend and I will never be. You should show a little respect and ask nicely why I deleted it. Anyway, I got nothing else to tell you. Keep crying.

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