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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer (ets2mp)

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So for those who like truck driving and would like to play with some other players, including friends. Some of us (MrGreen members) joined a company made by Moh and with the help of @DubStep. We are currently 6 members/drivers in the company and we would like to get more and we thought starting from here. 

Current members are: @DubStep@P0l4n3C, @MADKILLER, @Santiii733, @Nibje and me :D *New official drivers: @r0cK, @OzL

-What is a company? Well, a company in ets2mp is almost like a clan/group where players are welcomed to join after getting accepted by Moh/Dub (for now).

-Why would I advertise a company for a different game that doesn't belong to MrGreen or the servers it is hosting? Well, the company is called "MrGreenTrucking" and its gonna take part soon in "MrGreen servers list" IF the company gained many members and success.

Dub and I have made our own discord server which we will use when we do some company activities like convoys. We will be in voice channels so we will be talking while driving (more realistic). This is the link for the discord server: https://discord.gg/npCnaKb Feel free to join ^^

I have posted yesterday for a bundle for ets2 and some dlc and it was on 75% discount, but I don't think its still there. However, take a look: 

I believe no one would buy that bundle anymore as its too expensive, so here is the link for the game itself. It cost 15 euros in steam, if you can get it for cheaper then it would be nice to share it here for others or you can simply add it to your wishlist and wait for a sale (It may get down to 5 euros in sale). 


Few mins ago, Dub, @P0l4n3C and I made a little convoy and we had fun. Here are some screenshots: 




I know not all of you would like these kind of games, but I thought about sharing it as I am hoping to get more players in the company. If you have any questions about the game or how does company/convoys work. Just post down below :) Thanks.

If you need any help, you can add me on steam as I am online a lot there: http://steamcommunity.com/id/93989893/

Or join discord and Dub would help you as he is online a lot there. (Link above for discord^)

Make sure to join us in there: http://virtualtruckingmanager.com/company/4581 (if you have the game)



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Another thing Cena forgot to mention, you don't need a super computer to run it as long as it has at least 4gb ram and was not made 10 years ago high chance it will be able to run the game

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9 hours ago, r0cK said:

Omg looks amazing!!! 

It does, and more the drivers = more the fun!!

7 hours ago, Grizzly said:

no clue about wat ur trying to do but i wanna join the clan xd

Advertising the company here hoping to get more drivers, thats why I pasted a link for ets2 to let players here take a look at the price and buy it if they are interested, I also added my steam acc name and link so they can add me so i can help them. Also in discord where Dub and I are on the most there.

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57 minutes ago, BadPing said:

Can this be played with an ***unofficial*** version of the game? Is it a separate mod like MTA?

When you download "Multiplayer" (mp) mod from truckersmp.com It will ask you to connect to ur steam therefore having Euro Truck Simulator 2 in ur steam is important, otherwise you can't play online. Thats why I posted a link for ets2 in the topic. You can look for the game in g2a and other similar sites for cheaper, but you HAVE to add it in steam.

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