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BelgianCat, brother of r0cK

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My name is BelgianCat. Some might remember me from a while back, but I highly doubt it.

I am the real life brother of r0cK and I used to play MTA a few years back. Back then I lost interest in MTA because I am the type of person who jumps from one game to another in a matter of months. 

Just to give a more recent example: I used to religiously play Runescape for 4 months straight but have taken a break since two days.

I recently joined the Mr. Green Trucking ETS2(Euro Truck Simulator 2) Discord group and it sparked my interest for MTA a bit.

I thought I'd make a post just to indicate I might stick around for a while.

If anyone desperately wants to contact me or perhaps you want my autograph? :) , feel free to add me on Steam. (Profile link)

Have a nice day!


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