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Interested into joining a friendly and awesome trucking company and have fun competing in the top list in our VTM and join our events? (Convoys and such..etc). Then go ahead and apply and wait till you get accepted. You need to make ONE topic only. Also always remember to apply you must meet our requirements. (Exceptions can be made so never lose hope applying)

Our requirements: 

- You need to be 15 years old or above.
- You can't be banned in TruckersMP in the last 3 months
- You need to have at least 50 hours in ATS/ETS2.
- Respect the TruckersMP rules.
- Don't ram or block others.




Truckers MP URL link *:

Steam Link*:

How old are you? *:

What country do you live in? *:

Do you speak fluent English? *:

How many hours do you have on ATS/ETS2 *:

Are you currently in another VTC? *:

Have you ever been banned on ATS/ETS2 MP *:

Tell us about yourself and why would you like to join Mr. Green Trucking *:

How did you know about us?*: 

If you got Accepted, feel free to introduce yourself here.

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