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Being unfairly marked as a blocker

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First off this is not a rage thread i just seriously want to adress an issue.

I have put quite some time in the race and mix server the last weeks (haven't played since around 2 years ago)

And today an admin / mod with the name MoshPit marked me as a blocker for an incident that was 100% accidental, i have raced for a straight hour with MoshPit and never hit him once but apparently that goes out of the window when you hit someone on accident when it happens on a map they bought.

Now i want to make it very clear that i am against blockers and rammers and that if indeed i DID block / ram him that i fully deserve the status but if there is 1 thing i do not accept it is being unfairly punished just because the person in question that is the (victim) is an admin/moderator, i know that they have the final judgement and i do not have any thing against that only that that judgement needs to stay objective, i am being INTENTIONALLY rammed alot and i never make a case out of it and you can ask any player who usually plays when i'm online that i never actually break the rules or misbehave.

I'm not begging to have my status removed but i do want to voice my concerns because i do not believe that fair and objective judgement is being used, i was unaware of the direction of moshpit on a 5 way split on a map so i kept speed and took the road i wanted to take, the only way this could have been prevented was me braking at a 5 WAY SPLIT and coming to a full stop in a RACE just in case there is that 20% chance the other player is taking my preffered route, i'm sorry but in that case you might as well deny any overtaking.

I do not hold any personal grudges or vendettas and i actually believe moshpit is one of the few players that provides a good challenge to all players including me but i just do not find this acceptable and i feel disrespected as a regular player in a way that i think i do not deserve, i never broke any rules on any servers and ESPECIALLY not on a race server, i am a big supporter of fair racing and when a collision occurs i make sure that if it was my mistake i let the other player pass.

Also i got muted for voicing my concerns but that was deserved, i was reacting in an agressive way and i was almost spamming.


Thanks for your time and reading this post.

I hope any future conflict can be avoided.

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I not seen the incident so I can only go on past experinces here, Mosh as far as I know is a fair admin but should warn before any action, I think its best for @Cena (the manager) to deal with this incident when he gets time

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