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how to put pics next to name in mta???

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yeh, ive tried that as well, still wont let my Sephy.gif appear... is it possible that my copy of the login resource is out of date?

Wont force removing from my install/resource dir - so on new connect client will re-get it, and THEN commandline/console -> /gclogin works proply??

Or does it just not like Gifs?

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So, followed those ideas, including the logging in with forum user name (dont see why that would make a difference, as it seems to detect BOTH user/email regardless of whether i use my forumname or email as "user" (thought id try jsut in case))

Two things i can think of....

maybe it jsut doesnt like animated GIFS then? swore i saw one before on here, but may be mistaken.

OR maybe as the gifs on a different server? (shouldnt be an issue - mr green forums are locally storing my avatar in uploads... sooo?)

are Animated Gifs an issue here? (and by Here i mean within MTA and through the gclogin)


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