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[Suggest] Testing map server (Map Editor Server)


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hello guys,

i have been playing in some populer servers like FFS and EPG for a while so i decided to upload some of my maps, and after time(~1weak) some of them get accepted and some of them declined, and when i uploaded my maps i noticed that the map managers didn't test them in the official server, but in the testing server, and i see this help alot  for both sides map managers, and mappers and it keep the server more professionel with the work, let's be more series and change the attention from unecessary topics to the real one who need attention.as i can see mr.green is getting big and more populer so testing room is needed

here is some reasons for adding testing room:

1/ when a mapper upload his map, it get tested in the main server and this add some troubles like fail scripts, like what happened to my huntbot map before

2/when a map uploaded to the server and it evently get accepted, after a while it get deleted again for shity reasons like (need rework), and thats really annoying to the mappers


                                                                                           here is how testing room work

when the the mapper upload his map it go directly to the testing server and it get tested by map assistants and when they decide the map is fit for the server they accepted it and if they see its not fit they decline it and type THE REASON , accepted it stay in the testing room, when map assistants finish testing all the maps (the map manager work start) he take look at the accepted maps then decide if he add it to the offical server or not. there is not way to delete the added maps( its his work to fix it not the mapper because he's the one who accepted it ) like they used to do in other populer server .

and here is the link for epg testing server: http://www.team-epg.com/index.php?page=mapUpload

there is good scrpits here : http://mtasource.uk/

i hope u take this topic more series testing room is needed .sorry for bad english ..

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I don't think this is needed. It is better to test on server with alot of players so that you can  get input from other people as to what they think of the map. I also like to wait untill map maker is there so  they can see it tested and make any changes needed.


I do agree on a map editor server though. It can be a lot of fun mapping with friends and teamates.

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Problem about Map-Editor Servers is that you can't edit a map while other player is editing another one.

I don't know how would you make it work, but i would make a paying system, 100GCS per hour with a limit of 5 hours affordables so nobody can buy for example 48 hours leaving the others without a chance to buy hours.

Anyway i dont think it's the best idea, the best would be to make a big Map-Editor Server with Map-Editor Rooms, like FFS does with them Game-modes, i dont know if FFS has a Server for each Game-Mode or they have everybody playing in the same Server with different Rooms as they are called.

Now, if the second idea above is viable then i would mix the first one with the second one making a Maps-Editor Server with affordables hours to rent a Room, set a password and edit your maps with any friends you want to, obviously the Server would need to have lot of Plugins to make any kind of maps and then we will need someone to keep an eye to that Servers and them Plugins. **cough cough** last time i read forum maher wanted to join the admin squad **cough cough**

If you guys can do that it could be awesome because there is no Public Map-Editor Servers in MTA, the last one i saw was obviously -]alw[-'s but it's dead years ago. 

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