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As the title says. Double GCs. There will be double GCs when donating.

- So how this will work?

You simply all what you need to do is donate any amount you want (like how you usually donate). Then you will get double the reward. 

For example: If you donate 5 euros. Instead of getting 5,000 GCs. You will get 10,000 GCs. 

- When will this happen? 

It will valid from 18 Dec till 31 Dec. In other words, for the last 2 weeks of Dec.


If you have any questions regarding it, let me know please. Thank you.


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On 2017-10-20 at 8:11 PM, SkyNET said:

those 2 maps were deleted by me for the reasons you were writing yes. Well they are serious problems but if you realy need these maps i will fix them 1st then i will upload those maps back. Will let you know when it happens 


On 2017-12-26 at 3:30 PM, Cena said:

I couldn't get them back, they are gone. 

Seriously? Why not?

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12 hours ago, Accident said:


Seriously? Why not?

maybe database lost them is all i can guess only way to even attempt to retrieve them now would be msging the authors asking them for a spare copy

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On 12/29/2017 at 11:52 PM, Accident said:


Seriously? Why not?

Idk, the meta is fucked. I tried to edit it manually, line by line but it just won't work. I asked SDK in case he had a backup but unfortunately no. I couldn't do more. 

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