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Brazilian insults


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mta-screen_2017-12-18_17-56-17.thumb.png.8d86c6d8317df77f9634fa5dee2a0e42.pngmta-screen_2017-12-18_17-56-17.thumb.png.8d86c6d8317df77f9634fa5dee2a0e42.pngmta-screen_2017-12-18_17-56-20.thumb.png.ef96f37f7d79115def57e090387f31f7.pngmta-screen_2017-12-18_17-56-25.thumb.png.5f3799588ac9edcea9a06aedcf2e5cfe.pngmta-screen_2017-12-18_17-56-29.thumb.png.d41a7684418b198883b605bd2dddf7f3.pngHi admins, here i bring a bunch of photos of a player insulting me while i am trying to explain to new players how to register in mr green
,his nickname es pernalonga, i only killed him in sh and he started to bothering me.







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From what I can understand, BR|Pernalonga called the player Anthony of Noob, over and over again (something very childish on the part of BR|Pernalonga), and that seems to be no reason, but I see nothing serious, just annoying and stupid spam...

But as I am not adm I know that @Santiii733 can help solve this problem :-P

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18 hours ago, TheMoose said:

This guy's a twat. Gnappo was asking me to mute him but I couldn't as I've forgotten my account password on the laptop i'm using this month. Nitro can speak his language and can warn him and mute him etc

Yes, I already warned them, and now I'm watching everything they talk about and do in the game

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