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Mr. Green GreenCoins Lottery #2


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Hello everyone. After the great success in our first lottery in Nov. We are willing to make a new one for Jan. We will pick only 1 lucky member randomly and he gets to win. I will reexplain everything to refresh your memories. 

How does it work? 

You basically make any amount of any donation you want. It won't matter how much you donate as long as you just "donated". Whatever you donate, you will get GCs for it normally. So if you donate 5 euros, you will receive your 5,000 GCs.

What does the winner get?

On 1st of Feb. Ywa will pick one name randomly between the members who have donated from now till 31st of Jan. That 1 member will get x2 of the amount you have donated. So if you donate 5 euros, you will get your 5,000 GCs as I mentioned above and then another 5,000 GCs.

I hope everything is clear, if you have any question. You can ask below! :) 



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40 minutes ago, HeArTBeaT said:

So gambling in a videogame?
Did we get bought by EA? :D

Its just a chance to let the players who donate. A chance to win more GCs, nothing more. Motivating a little for others to donate and it helps Mr. Green in general. 

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On 1/18/2018 at 6:04 PM, WesEdit said:

rock install gta V and join us :D

Added GTA V to my Steam Wishlist, if it goes on sale I'm buying it. :)

Edit: Don't want to pay the full price for this game, It's 4 years old and still full priced *sigh*

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