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nice,the only comment I got on facepunch is "geez,why ppl don't post in the right section!?"

That's where the real critics are. :P

Some jokes started out pretty good, like the anorexia L4D tank. But next you seem to have no other idea than to either make the ragdolls spazz, make a head pop out of nowhere, or place a random explosion. We've seen those before. They can be fun, as long as they're well timed and in-between more original jokes.

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I didn't exploited each sequence deeplier because I have sometimes lacks of inspiration or when I want to do it I see that I can't do it because I don't have the means to do it(hard etc)I wanted for example to continue the 3rd scene (combine fail) with the 3 combines chasing the kleiner and he kills them 1 per 1,escaping etc...But it was too hard to do it because I make the scenes alone and I don't use wired systems(for camera effects or multiple actiobs) so there wasn't real originalities on that point.

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To the video: It has an average quality ,but it is good for the first one.(I dont want to criticize you. I couldn't do that ,because i am not patient enough for doing that things.haha.)

I agree with ERROR 401.

Guys like me would like to help you in the movies.

Me as an example like to be an actor.

Why don't you ask some people next time,hm?^^

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I could also do something if I can help.

You should think who you aim this stuff too btw, for example if you are aiming this mainly for Green community, you could just use some inside jokes that guys here know. (for example stuff related to Robo's quitting, Green Earth and stuff like that)

Speaking of videos related to green, what about some scene dedicaded to CowChucker?

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