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Akeno Admin Application


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Gameserver: Mix 

Age: 19

Country of origin: Turkey

Link to Steam Community profile *: currently not available

Discord name **: WakuSei#2870

Ingame name: AKEN0

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: 

Hello my real name is Sevik and I am 19 years old and I live in Ankara capital of the Turkey.

Well about me I am currently studying in high school,  be situated with my family and spend unforgettable moments in this community!. I was a professional fps player before I meet MRGreen. I have many experiences in other games and I'm doing practice to be able to speak more languages like English and Spanish and good to see if I'm doing well this application.

    I am an active player and I'm having a lot of  fun so I'm spending almost  half of my free time playing 6-8 hours to be exact and  nearly everybody knows me at mrgreen. I like to set the rules and punish the spoiled  players  who  break the rules and  I want to say that I'm going to do a good job if you guys accept me as a admin, as much as I can i'll try to help everyone. Im witnessing a lot of campers, blockers and insults when Im playing and I think that there are not enough admins to help people.  I never  don't discriminate to between people, I'll talk to people and try to find a solution. I'm fair and respected person in the MRG. I'm constantly improving myself. I can find a solution to every problem. I will be extremely sensitive and careful when performing this task. I'm very well aware of the rules and guidelines and I am willing to be strict according to them and i will also spend most of my time there. My intentions are obviously to keep the server clear but also, to help new players so they can enjoy  their playtime and that will result to the increasing of the players regarding this server. I can assure you that I will do my job perfectly and wont dissapoint any of you, just  give me an opportunity and you will see that, I keep my word.  Ever since I've known myself, I haven't  hated anyone just a bit laggers maybe :p and I didn't wanted to have a problem with anyone.

I know it's pointless, are you trying to avenge someone? for what?. You get nothing in return. In these years, I've learned to have respect for anyone no matter what is in the game or in real life , it matters to be respectful and I've learned how to behave with each player, because players can't be the same. You have to undarstand everyone's problem and if you can't solve it, contact a person with higher rank than you.

I maybe have been a little irritable against to people in these days, I'm sory about that  but we need to look into our future.




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11 hours ago, AsSnTittieS said:

Liked what u said at the end. U are really a pro SH killer.

Good luck Akeno

thanks mate


5 hours ago, BoNd said:

Good luck ganduuuu.

I know u would be a good admin.:wave:

Thanks gandu :P


5 hours ago, Maher said:

Good luck! :thanks:


4 hours ago, KneeLzy said:

Akeno nub, cant believe that u made application that was sneaky one :P And of course u already know the answer from me I just cant say NO to you :P Best of LUCK!!! My nub if u need any SH help just tell me I’ll teach u ^_^ :wave::wub:


1 hour ago, DubStep said:

Lol good luck :D


53 minutes ago, Laca said:

Interesting, good luck :-)


Thanks y'all :Z

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1 hour ago, Freddie_Mercury said:

I really hope that when you are administrator change your way of being so aggressive and don't be so violent with Latin Americans for no reason, example this:



as you see ,  you are shared an old video and there's no point in sharing it here but thanks anyway

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7 hours ago, sweetsandy said:

Give this man the job already. He's the only person to be able to handle the turkish mess that goes on in the chat. He's a chill guy with patience so he deserves it. Plus he's the best shooter in the server now that the GOAT's out.

Best of luck with it:gun:

thx brother :worshippy:

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