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Gameserver: Mix

Age: 22

Country of origin: Romania

Discord name **:  C.Norris#0225

Ingame name: #C.Noris

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: 

Hello, my real name is Cosmin, i'm 22 and i live in Italy, Rome more exactly, and Neamț is my town in Romania.

Finished architectural highschool, but can't fit with this for my future job, so now i'm working wherever and whatever i find.

In my free time i like.. hmm.. no free time, better said. Just working, sometimes go out with girlfriend, and playing MrGreen. 😁

I started playing this server in 22 april 2012, but i can't join for some years because of girlfriend. 🙄 

I think i wold fit as an Admin because i really want to be helpful on server. I see a lot of guys breaking rules, like insult, spam, block, camping ecc.. and no admin or moderator is online, but that's a little of my motivation. I think, so i'm not sure, so i just let you say that, i have a good sense of justice and a good sense of humour and i like to fit with everyone, i mean to haven't enemies, and to find a way to make everyone agree, so it all can go on the right path, always. I like to act like mature, not only because i'm like this in real life too, but i think we need to accept the reality however is that. In rest you all know who i am and how i am, so i don't need too much to say. I hope to be nice at all. 😁🤗❤️ 


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11 hours ago, Shadow. said:

Good luck, I hope you get accepted 😉

Thanks 😁

9 hours ago, Freddie_Mercury said:

Good luck bici bici bicicleta.

Thanks, mercuryno colombianino 😂

8 hours ago, NITROX said:

Buena Suerte o/

Gracias 😁

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