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Civan- Moderator Application


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Discord name=CivanKirmizi

 Hey all.My name is Civan and I play in this server for 1 years.I am from Turkey and I live in İstanbul.I am 14 years old.I dont have any job now I am just a student.So I have so much free time.Also I live

with my family I dont have homeworks.Accually I am nerd but I have time for games.I play guitar and bağlama sometimes.I like playing basketball and hanging out with my friends.I have good English

for my country.I have girlfriend but thats not problem I have time for her too.I have a lot of friends in server so I believe I will be a good mod.

Also we dont have ant Turkish mod or admin.Turkish peoples want to new mod.I am candidate for this.Thanks for read this.BEST REGARDS...


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