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Possible bug: lost my account (temporarily)


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Earlier today all of the sudden I got logged out in race while playing (or afk, don't know exactly) and all my stuff (gc, pj, profile pic) got transfered to a player named Miku.

I couldn't login anymore. He restarted, but still got my account.

After he left I could login again, but I'm afraid he will log into my account when he comes back.

Our team (owned by Kokovai) is also lost.

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8 hours ago, Cena said:

So from what I understood, someone else logged in to your account? 

Yes, but he didn't do it on purpose and it happened while I was online and logged in. I got logged out, he got in. Unfortunately I don't know the exact circumstances whether it happend when he joined or later. He was surprised he has 38k gc and a paintjob, and when I looked at it I realized its mine, and that I'm not logged in anymore.

[2018-08-16 20:43:46] [Output] : ✶ Joined: Miku (Russia) joined the server
[2018-08-16 21:01:12] [Output] : Miku: wtf
[2018-08-16 21:01:16] [Output] : Miku: 38k gc
[2018-08-16 21:01:21] [Output] : Miku: paintjob
[2018-08-16 21:02:27] [Output] : You need to login Green-Coins account in order to do toptimes!


8 hours ago, MoshPit said:

it shows 38000 gc's in yr profile so not sure if all is lost.

Well, it was badly phrased, it wasn't really transfered :)


Edit: There were other glitches. Kokovai said he lost his gc and team, and someone got into a team he wasn't in.


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Added more glitches
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There were indeed some GC glitches yesterday. I've removed the auto-login for your forum account from both MTA serials.

Could you login normally again and check if everything is normal? If not, please let me know what you're missing. (either via a forum PM or via here)

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30 minutes ago, Ywa said:

Could you login normally again and check if everything is normal?

Thank you, everything is fine, I also changed my password just to be safe.

Note: I was able to log in after he left, and everything was normal.
I just wanted to let you know what happened. If this is a bug and not a temporarily glitch, it can happen to someone else in the future.

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