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New HD and colored orginal wheels for server


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So we are in 2018 and we still have these... uhm i can't really call these OCTAGONS wheels at all, but they are really ugly, so why not change them since there is reworked version avaivable? (Im not author of them, orginal author is: Jur1zz)

I know there are optional HD wheels, but i think most ppl prefer the orginal wheels that dont disturb the game climate.

Just look at the beauties on the right!


and other example for lowriders...


In addition that version can be actually painted to any color!!! (using primary or secondary color from car)

Few pics made by me just for presentation: 





That would make a nice and fresh addition to the server, they should be added in place of default ones for everyone.

Players would be able to change the color easily from F6 modshop menu just by changing the secondary color, (since most vehicles dont have 2nd color) It would make players vehicles more unique.

I have made the script already (which i was using about 6 years ago on my own amateur server 😜 ) so basically everything is ready to be put on server and running.

hdwheels.rar <-here is the whole resource

hope u find my suggestion for server interesting and u add it on mr.green server!


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Could be quite cool but for scripting stuff we have to wait for Ywa to check it as I think it be quite good to get some new little things on the server like those wheels

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