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Now, mix server, he destroyed me in DL for camping (camp with 2 kills, yeah). In fact, I was moving at low speed all over the map, and not «sitting» in the corner. I saw same tactics from other players, including admins. Is this allowed or no? If no I will sorry for this.

But yesterday this dude called me a bitch in DD for nothing (I regard this as an insult to myself) and then blocked me in NTS. He clearly doesn't understand who the moderator is and what he should do, please explain to him. I ask nothing more.

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ye, he was  camping in the other side while  the other 3 players were fighting (one of them was civan), i called him bitch one time, you know i only say one or two insults per month and i said that bcs he was focusing on me while i was writing, so  i acted by reflection.

Adding one more thing bcs i don't read his post, i muted him one hour bcs he started to insult me on f3. I turned off the thing and i muted him so he would not bother.

I was just waiting him to post, just deal with it man.


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5 hours ago, deeznuts said:

i think insults arent really the thing but if u lose in some aspect you are very offensive on chat, you can even focus the player on sh, dd or nts just bcs u hate him. IMO its not how u should represent Mr. Green Gaming.


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