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Mekuar's Moderator Application


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Gameserver: MIX

Age: 18

Country of origin: Turkey

Discord name: Mekuar#7432

Ingame nick: Mekuar

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be moderator:


     Hi there, my name is Mert and I'm 18 years old. I live in Antalya/Turkey

     I want to talk about my MTA history briefly. Exactly 5 years ago I began play this game in freeoram servers. A little later it came boring and I decided to find new server after this I found mrgreen. According to me it is the best community in my choices,and I registered in 2017. I've been here about two years and I still playing. Actually I had no idea that I could play more than 2 years. Also I met plenty of nice people in the server which made me stay here for 2 years.

     First of all , I never don't discriminate to between people, Im a fair person imo. Im witnessing a lot of stuckers or blockers when Im playing. I can punish the rule breakers and help Turkish players who gets struggled with the language barrier (there's a lot of Turkish players that doesn't understand the rules in English, I can guide them in Turkish since Turkish is my native language) .. Also i can handle reports at forum. I like to help people and I always try to be calm about everything, already most people know it. Beside I'm good at making paintjobs according to my friends. I've made so many paintjobs for my friends and others and I will continue to make pjs (It's really entertaining for me). I see myself as a fully capable person to take over this role as I have a really good experience in MTA. I can take care of server, keeping it clean, smoothly going and in the meanwhile giving a helping hand to whoever needs it. It's kinda annoying when someone is asking for help and no one cares about it. I don't provoke other players or make them to hate me or something. I'm loyal and friendly fella who's trying to spread nutella not mud. As a part of this community, I’ve learned so many things about this server and from admins and some old players who have enough experience about it and I think It’s time to share my experiences which I gained in few years with others. If I’d to be honest, I don't like to praise myself at all but the thing that I’m sure about myself is being kind and honest with others.

Thanks for your attention :)




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2 minutes ago, civanpro3131 said:

Good luck mate. I hope we`ll see you as a mod ^^

Thanks Civan


2 minutes ago, Harun said:

Good luck :first::first:

Thanks Ravel


1 minute ago, AKEN0 said:

best of luck with it my BOYAAAAAAA totally deserves it!👊


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6 minutes ago, KneeLzy said:

OMG do not lie about ur discrimination. You said to me many times “kid” that hurts my feelings :o JOOOOOKEEEEEEE🤣 Best of luck maaaa dude, hope u wont mute me coz then ur dead meat 😛 niom niom niom 😜

Jokes Jokes...  Actually I created mod application for mute one kid 😈  

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