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GPU problem? pls help me

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Yo guys, 

2 days ago I was playing MTA like every other day and suddenly some stripes appeared on my screen. After a few mins the stripes multiplied and it was like a collapse so i restarted my pc and it was working fine but today i turned on my PC and it was like this:szines.jpg.d0916ff29fc526ace503f258341713b1.jpg

It works fine at safe mode, so I disabled my video card at device manager then i restarted the PC, after that I tried to reinstall the driver but didn't help.

What could be the problem? My GPU just died? 


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I think it's not the monitor because I'm using it right now (safe mode) and i tried 2 different one. When i turn on my PC and Windows loading it's totally fine, but when i should login to my account it's getting this colorful shit... I think my GPU just died, but I'm hoping for some answers which could help me. If there's no solution i will take it to the service on Monday. 

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Had similar problem few months ago, while playing game, first i got black lines over screen and after that green screen only. Tried replacing HDMI same result, even tried other monitor but it was the same green screen,  tried connecting monitor to motherboard it worked fine, so i bought new GPU and everything is fine now

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