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ok wtf

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i got banned for 1 hour by chain saw for exploiting i did not do what i did was kil my self on one map and got some kills then he bans me did not say anything and he bans me
I got banned for one hour by Chainsawman for exploiting. I didn't do anything. All I did was kill myself and get some kills, and then he banned me. He didn't say anything, he just banned me.

Make your sentences understandable pl0x.

And indeed, one hour is practically nothing.

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Ok Sh@dows:

The cause of your ban was:

You tried many times now to bypass the suicide punishment.

I warned you several times in the last 2 weeks.

and all what i get as an answer is: "ADMIN abuuser!"

I know you are a good player and thats why i've warned you so many times without doing anything ,but now it is enough i'll increase the time of your ban every time now, when you try to do it again.

See this one hour ban as a warning!

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Some people dont like it when someone suicides. and redeems with shotgun to spend the next 10 minutes trying to kill him because the difficulty stays on EASY.

Maybe thats why? you were using a way to suicide and not have the Suicide Penalty.

Thats what i think

EDIT: OMFG chainsaw ninjad me -_-

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I laughed so fucking hard after i read this topic.

Now seriously: I was on the server while he banned you: you killed yourself, disconnected and joined the server again to bypass the suicide punishment( for all guys who dont know what that means,if you suicide in the first 5 mins without getting killed by a zombie,you start wit less health and lessa damage as a zombie

Now wait 1 hour then stop doing this shit. But i think you will never learn it.

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Can we still play with the Hellevator? :christmas: (I admit,I play a lot with it to kill the courageous dudes who wants to get on it XD)

Also, Hellevator kills count as suicide, and prop bugs too (if you look at my old video ZS epic fails,the first one, I'm dying because of a bug,I walked on that lamp and it killed me).

So I think that, every kills which doesn't counts as suicide(especially func_brushes and prop collisions) should be less "bad" against the players who die of it (ex: my bug,above,or when a sofa crushes you when it falls on you [zs_house_number23], or the hatch in segments_v2 )

Anti-suicide system: Each time you type !kill within the 5 first minutes makes you slow down for 20 seconds as if you had red hp.

Or, as Zombie, after suicide, you can't kill any humans for 3-4 minutes because you're weak like a cake :3

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-Facepalm- Total idiot. Made a idiot topic about this "OMG WTF I GOT BANNED LOLOL"

Shadows, please. You are insulting everyone, you whine every single time you die. When someone say's you are a faggot you start to insult like shit.

You should get more bans or a perma ban for being such a idiot.

I show no hatred, but...You know.

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