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Gamemode idea (featuring time machines)


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So, I've had this idea in my head for quite a while which I have shared with few people, but it hasn't got the nasty feeling off my shoulders.

So I thought that sharing it here would take it off.


In the near future, world's recources are depleting, causing many conflicts and so on.

This also makes good things happen, like european union becoming one single country, trying to fix the problem with new types of fuel and so on.

However, the scientists have discovered something better: A time machine.

After some testing (like killing someone less useful in the past), it is proven that doing stuff in the past doesnt alter this present, it just creates another one. This way, they send group of soldiers (who are from all over europe, which explains wide range of different weapons) to the time somewhere around 1100.

But the people in the past won't give up that easly.

So, the gamemode would be like small group of soldiers against huge amount of knights.

I haven't really thought of balancing and that stuff, as I'm not developing anything here, only giving ideas.


+Mid and far range weapons better.

+More cool.

+Advanced technology of the present shows teammates, and enemies when they spot one.

+Metal armor isn't bulletproof, so bullets just go through them.

+Want to play awesome? Did you run out of ammo? Pick up an enemy weapon, they are less powerful and take longer to reaload on your hands than theirs, but it's something to use if there is no other choise

-Less/no recource points.

-Maps are against soldiers. (which means that knights can attack from many directions and other advantages for them)

-Knife is low/no use against enemies, as knights tend to wear metal on themselves.

-Bulletproof vest doesn't mean arrows can't kill you, shot at face instakills.

-Arrow to leg drops your speed by 50%, another shot to the other leg forces you to crawl/not be able to move at all. (until medic heals you)

-Shot to hand means no two handed weapons, as in only pistols and knives. (until medic heals you)

-Time machines can't bring much equipment with you, so you are fucked if there is no ammo supplier and medic.

-Big stuff don't fit into time machines, so no tanks or warheads for you.


+Swords and other melee weapons fucking kill.

+As in the past, the power of your weapon depended on your strenght, knights kill present day soldiers pretty easy at close range.

+As a knight you care about honor and that other stuff, so fuck that little bullet that doesn't let you breathe anymore. It will kill you, but it doesn't mean that you can't spend the last seconds of your life cutting the throat of that bastard.

+Many recource points

+The terrain is your homeland. Whichs means many spawnpoints around the enemy to choose from.

+Catapults and other big stuff of the past.

-Bullets go through your armor easy. Attack before the enemy does.

-Bows and melee weapons do little/no damage to soldier's torso, as they have bulletproof vests, so aim for the arms, legs or the head.

-Even when picking up an enemy gun would be possible, you can't, as you don't know how to use it, and you even might be afraid of those things.

I myself would love to try/play this kind of gamemode, just think of you holded up at stonehenge and knights coming from every direction, lots of those ships from those days surrounging an aircraft carrier (even when I did say they cant bring big stuff thro the time machine), or even the knights stealing timemachines and attacking our world?

Thanks for reading, I don't feel that nasty thing on my shoulders anymore.

EDIT: Classes!


Medic: Heals the team. Primary weapon would be somewhat weak. Can't heal himself

Support: Supplies the team with ammo. His primary weapon would also suck. Can't supply himself.

Assault: The guy who actually does all the work. Always low on ammo so assaultrush = no good.

Moar maybe?


Normal: Equipped with sword, shield and crossbow and/or bow (chooseable?). Deadly at close range.

Commander/King: Same as normal, but can call some sort of backup, like in BF2. (Trebuchets, arrowrains, etc)

Moar maybe?

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Story: Frontlines: Fuel of War, Red Alert 3 in Medieval.

Gameplay: The soldiers have a really unfair advantage...

Even an experienced Knight versus a noob soldier, the soldier still has an equal/higher chance of winning.

Funny thing is, I've never played any of those. :U

And I'd say that would be the situation if the knight would just rush at the soldier, but that wouldn't be experienced now would it?

If the soldier is noob, he most prodably can't aim for the head. And if the knight is experienced, he attacks only when close enough to surely hit with his weapon.

Plus the knights have alot more resource points, as in, they are not supposed to be equal.

The main issue would be making the Knights team awesome to play on, even though you're cannon food.

That, my good sir would be dismemberment for soldiers.

And the arrows sticking to your victims.

Also, the catapults.

Maybe even some sort of commander system for them? Or something like that..

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The main issue would be making the Knights team awesome to play on, even though you're cannon food.

That, my good sir would be dismemberment for soldiers.

And the arrows sticking to your victims.

Also, the catapults.

Maybe even some sort of commander system for them? Or something like that..

Dismemberment is kind of buggy in GMod multiplayer, and I don't know how I would achieve arrows sticking to your enemies with GMod lua. Catapults are just silly for person to person combat.

Just details, but you've got to stay realistic ;)

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Have olden style bombs you know the big spherical black round ones and have a class based round 'em

This kind of shit:



And crossbow class too:

And have different types of bolts to be fired out of 'em, like exploding bolts but they travel slower and not as far as normal bolts (made out of steel no wood)


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