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Do you have a car?


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For the people that already have a driver's license, post your car! :V

If you have a driver's license but haven't got a car yet, you can post the car that you drive mostly (probably your parent's car :V).

My car:



It's a VW Polo II Coupé Fox from 1991, and it's my second car. :P It had only 74.060 km's when we bought it. Now it has about 74.520 km's or something. My previous car was a Renault Clio from 1994, and I only used it for a year (but we owned it for about 7 or 8 years, my mom used to drive it first, until we got a new car). There were too many costs on to fix all the broken things, so we sold it to my uncle for 100 euros (and he fixed it for my neice and nephew, so now they drive it). :V

It's a very basic car, but I'm happy to have it. Now I can transport 4 people in stead of 1 (Clio only had 2 seats) and it has a lighter engine then that Clio so I have to pay less insurance costs. Only thing that misses is a radio!

No it's your turn to post your car! :P

PS: I made this topic cause I saw NPhect claims to have a VW Golf VI in his signature, which is pretty crazy at this age. :awesome:

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Ups there is already a thread like this XD

Yes i got it from my parnets D:

You are very lucky. :o

I got mine from my parents too (but I gotta pay gasoline and insurance and stuff myself), but they can't afford a car like you have, even if it would be for their own. Though we own 3 cars together (dad drives an Opel Zafira, mom drives an Opel Astra from '96 (and Rachel has already seaten in it :V), they are all 2ndhand cars. :3

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I don't own it, its my driving instructors :P

Oh, ololol, you don't see that a lot. :V When I learned to drive in a driving school (after my dad learned me the basics), I drove a VW Golf V.

Lol im not rich , in my school , not the top one , a guy has 2 cars a BMW X6 and a CLS 520 , thats what i call rich :P

Damn, why 2 cars if you have a BMW X6 (or backwards). :o

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I don't go to the driving school yet, but once I have my driving license I'll probably take my Peugeot 207 (lawl, french car, you don't know I guess)

I live in Belgium, it lies next to France. So our country is flooded with mostly French and German cars, and lots of Asian cars (Toyota etc.) too accually. :V

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