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Game: Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is an upcoming cooperative first-person shooter game. It is the sequel to Valve's award-winning Left 4 Dead. The game is currently set to launch on November 17, 2009, for PC and Xbox 360. It will build upon the cooperatively focused gameplay of the original and will be using Valve's proprietary Source Engine, the same game engine used in Left 4 Dead.

Rating: 9/10

-1 Point reason: Valve promised us more weapons and content in the first Left 4 Dead. This is the main reason of the Boycott that gained over 10,000 members. I believe they would have done the right thing by not just not leaving L4D1 alone, but releasing L4D2 with more content to L4D1, frankly, I don't really give a ****, I'm not poor.


Actual Review: I pre-purchased the second day that L4D2 was available for pre purchase on Steam. I am proud to say that I pity whoever didn't.

Although the demo contained a mere 2 missions, it showed that Valve wasn't sucking Gabe's dick but actually working. The demo was DELAYED more then 5 times at the last minutes, but to me it was completley worth the wait.

The demo showed amazing footage of awesomeness, my favorite weapon was the Machete, honestly I'm sad they saved the best for last (Chain Saw, for when it comes out). The first time I picked up a Desert Eagle and held it in my virtual hands I literally had butterflies in my belly.

New characters, new weapons, new zombies, new EVERYTHING:

Coach is a high-school football coach and is used to leading teams.

Rochelle is a women reporter for a local cable company and is producing a segment on the "strange" occurring in Savannah.

Ellis is a boy mechanic who has a smart mind and is said to have a "Southern Flair"

Nick is a gambler and conman who is unsure of his company and cynical about the events happening.

The Charger

The Charger "charges" the survivors forcing them to disperse should they be huddled together. The Mutant can hit multiple survivors with one blow and can also slam a survivor multiple times to the ground until a teammate kills the Charger. (The main goal of the Charger is to prevent players from camping in boxed areas)

The Spitter

The female Spitter has an area attack that can split up the survivors or flush them out of their hiding spots

The Jockey:

The Jockey is a small special infected who can jump on a survivors back and essentially steer a player to its desired direction causing a "breakup" in the team.

Uncommon/Common Infected :


The Hazmat is a Uncommon Infected and cannot be set on fire, Molotov's will not be of any use. In order to kill them one must shoot it with a primary weapon or by using melee



The Mudmen are Infected that only appear in swampy areas. They cant be killed by Molotovs. They walk on all 4's like a dog and come from the water so you cant see them until it's too late.

Riot Infected:

The Riot Infected can only be killed from behind which forces players to move further away from each other making them more vunerable to other threats.

Infected Clowns:

The Infected clowns have bells on their shoes which attracts more Infected.

A few final notes: I will seriously have nightmares because of this game...the clowns are the MAIN reason :(

Review by SD.

Sites that helped: Wikipedia ( a bit, mostly useless crap that no one cares about)

L4D2 PC Steam group.

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All you did was some copypasting, raight? Cause that information is findable from L4D Wiki. But oh well, nice job there.

I love the new dismemberment thing, you can see their inners even better O_o.

Btw, Riot can be killed with Melees, Like Axe, etc.

It ain't desert eagle, it's P220 I assume. (From wikipedia)

What else...Hmm.

Oh yeah, there's female boomer, new looks for every old Infected (Smoker, Tank, Witch etc)

There's Wandering witch which means that it won't be easy to pass by, anyway, wasn't it instakill on hit any difficult? Also, There's those pads which can revive people, can't remember the name. Defibbilator?

You can't Crouch spam when healing. You crouch, you heal the whole time crouching.

The AI is more better, I got attacked by a boomer, A spitter spitted our way so we were stuck there and Charger came in. Oh yeah, A smoker too. >_>.

"About the pistols"

Okay, You know that Pipebomb from L4D1, rait? Before it did a biig cloud of blood, now it also pops out the "Farer" zombies legs, bodies, etc away. So it ain't only a mist of blood, awesome.

The Magnum is a powerful handgun in Left 4 Dead 2. It has an eight round magazine and appears to deal a lot more damage. However, it cannot be dual-wielded, like the regular P220 Pistol can. The Magnum is modeled after a .50 Desert Eagle. This weapon does more damage than regular pistols. <----The truuuthh :D.

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The demo was short but good, played it on advanced and expert, that wasnt hard but intense! There no idle time .

The news weaps are great ( the ak47 <3 the magnum <33) and the melee weapons are powerfull and fun.

So if you falled in love with l4d1 you should buy this, but if you dont liked l4d1 dont buy it , it's exactly the same schema , travel in little map with a lot of zombs.

Sorry for my bad english :s

i'll be back with some screens

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Oh yeah, I forgot to tell this too, do you remember when your bots just danced on you when they tried to revive you? and other bots didn't help a crap? Now it's over. 1 helps you up, 2 covers from the sides. Awesome.

This demo is already awesome, and the FULL version will be EPIC AWESOME INTENSETASTICALISTIOCUS!

I can run this game with no problems on my 2-3 years old graphics card. 120 frames per second all on highest, 1680x1050 resolution :D.

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One thing that makes me wonder: They greatly improved the damage models of the common infected, but still the special infected seem to be indestructible o_O

But concerning other graphical improvements, I'm glad they overhauled the styles of the old special infected. One very early trailer(I know it's not representative for the resulting game, but still) made me shudder as I saw one of the old special infected(Which were obviously designed for dark maps) in the rather bright and colorful environment of the Parish(The campaign whose 2 first levels are featured in the demo). I love the new designs, you can actually see where the smokers tongue goes(It's grown all through and around his head o_O) and the otherall rather fleshy look suits the new atmosphere much better. On the other hand, shady campaigns like DC or SF might be not such a good location for them, I wonder if the old SI will take place there?

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I kinda tried out playing Infected in the L4D2 Demo, it's gonna be alot of fun when the enemy players in Versus have a bot when a player leaves, it's nearly impossible to pounce from air because they'll shoot you midair, also the jockey is hard to use, spitter only becomes useful when a enemy is incapitated etc. but otherwise it's better then I expected.

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