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Race Map Manager - Nick_026


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Game: MTA

Server: Race

Age: 22 (27-05-1998)

Country of origin: The Netherlands

Discord Name: Nick_026#5663

In-game Name: Nick_026


Hello there!

Some of you may not know me very well, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nick, 22 years old. Currently I'm studying to become a Web Developer in my 2nd year, 3rd year starting February.

I've been a moderator on the race server for a few months now and I like it thus far. Although I noticed quite some people complaining about maps. I've noticed an absence of Map Managers actively deleting horrible maps that never should've seen the light of day. Even Dubby doesn't have the will to delete maps on the race server.


Link to Dubby's message

This is the reason why I'm applying to become a map manager for the race server. To delete horrible & glitched maps. Sometimes when a glitched map appears more than half of the population leaves the server. This is just sad and can be solved.

Of course a map manager needs to evaluate new maps for the server. This is something I can see myself doing. I always like it when an Admin decides to test a map when I'm on the server. I always like to give honest feedback.

I know that H@rD$tYleRZ! applied to become map manager as well. I wouldn't mind sharing this position with them. I wish them the best of luck.

If you have any questions or want to know more, feel free to leave a message. I'll get to you as fast as I can.


Kind regards,


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Good luck :D

Regarding my message. The only reason why I don't really touch the race maps is because it's not my "place" that i deal with. I'm not a racer and judging what's good and bad would probably end up with people throwing "mix player is destryoing the race server" in my face. I still test the new race maps actively or delete the maps that are bugged, since Mosh is busy irl, but i'm all the way into an actual racer as the map manager here.

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Good luck, Nick! We need someone who actually cares for race more than mix for this. Cena was mix player so him being server owner didn't mean shit for the race server. Same for Dubby, as he's said he won't touch it as it's not his main place. We need someone to finally get rid of bullshit like the destiny crap, 90% of ka4a and tesla's shit and some pachanga and yoshi maps. Kali may be working on a new server but unless those idiotic maps get removed it wouldn't mean nothing - just a fancy outer look and same rotten core in the form of retarded maps. I don't think you'll get accepted as 95% of admins seem to like mix more than race and don't want to fix race but still good luck. :)

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Thank you for these words. I have to admit I really dislike destiny and lots of others too. Sadly some of them, including destiny, is liked by people who play a lot. 

What I'm saying is that some maps are hard to judge if they should be deleted or not. If this is the case I'm planning to make a poll on Discord/Forums. Then all players can vote if a certain map should be deleted or not. Destiny is one of these maps. 

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Let me tell you why I came from ffs to mrgreen. Because you start with 1 car in ffs and take a few chekpoints along the same street in the same car. I'm starting at the 3rd race to get bored because I don't want to do the same thing all the time. Some of you want to compare it to the race of ffs, there is already such a place. What makes mrgreen mrgreen is stuck in the wall on the destiny map. falling into the water in Beşiktaşk. It is to drift and turn around in ka4aru's scripted vehicles. Even if they're bad, they're different and you won't find them anywhere else. I want the maps that need to be deleted to be determined by their ratings, but not every rookie who comes in front of them can vote. only race leaders should be able to vote. Guys who do not know how to hold the steering wheel want my difficult map to be deleted, fuck you learn to play the game these are my thoughts.


Guys who do not know how to hold the steering wheel want my difficult map to be deleted, fuck you learn to play the game these are my thoughts.

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I'm not entirely sure what you mean by simulating the racing part. If you're talking about ghostmode and rooms and stuff, I don't have any plans about changing that.

Regarding the criteria of people whom can vote. The people on the Race Leaderboard should definitely be able to vote, other than that I'm not certain yet. The way I'm handling these polls I'm not entirely sure yet, this could be a forum poll, a discord poll or maybe a new section on this website I can program. I will definitely make a video of the map in questioning because not all people know all the maps by heart 

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