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Meet the GRN


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Just kidding lol.

Well no, I'm not.

Meet the GRN, as in Gravel Rocketing National.

Wait, thats us. Green.


Who is who you ask?

Too tired to do cool simple list, so you can just have the one I used to remember who wanted what from the time I asked everyone what gear they wanted in the pic:

Silver Dot: Red Spy Bill's hat

B.Wl | Ni pah~: red please, sniper with white hat ( if you have) and arc

ClavusElite: sniper with jarate headband, red

Sneed: okay scout with a razorback hat, red

Ywa: blu, spy, halo

Mayco: Red, heavy, Gibus + sandvich

ERROR 401: scout, red, ushanka

Chainsawman: medic, blu, beer or two

Chickennugget: steampic, as in soldier w 2 nades, red

Hundred2: I think heavy + Ushanka is best to recognise me. BLU

EmRA: Scout, BLU, jarateband and bbcap

Axon: Take a guess, genious.

NOTICE! If you weren't in the picture, don't whine. Ask me politely if I can include you in the future pictures I make with these guys, AS LONG AS YOU ARE ACTIVE ON THE FORUMS.

EDIT: Now we just need someone to skin and hex us team that actually is GREEN.

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