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Hi everyone,

I've thinked about how to get our CSS server more popular. Like they were in the past.

My main idea is to create a general fun server with lots of custom maps and normal maps. From surf to minigames and normal maps. Everything will be put in. If this server will be created, the old 2 servers will be put offline.

So. What is your opinion about this? And if your positive, do you got map suggestions?


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If you do that unique server, think about adding a votemap script otherwise you will have a lot of whiners who are ragequitting and such.Also, I don't know if it's "usually" like that, but yesterday on the event server it often lagged and there always were that stuck bug/lag at the end of the rounds :/

It can be a good idea but there is always the division bomb,campers,extremists/people who wants fun etc... :/

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I think its a bad idea to delete the both servers. I think that only surf server can die ie all surf are boring now. Minigame servers are new so there are many minigame fans. Maybe minigame server can stay, surf deleted, and if you started talking about new one with many kinds of game, you can write some info about it in minigame server, so there will be more who will be interested in to join it.

Shit, i messed all in... I hope you wont think that all i wrote is bullshit. :yay:

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The Surf server is die-ing because of al that new shit on it...

The old shit were cool...

Yea, but the surf server died becoss the IP change. People didnt notice the new IP in the name and/or were too lazy to look for the server.

I dont think that one server with all modes is a good idea. It should be either normal mode/maps server, or surf/fun.

So that the normal server could have maps like iceworld and other custom maps on it, as long as they all contain "normal shooting".

Other server could contain both surf and funmaps, with turns(surf map, fun-, surf-, funmap).

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Yeah... 1 surf server and 1 fun/normal server :P

Surf is so much diffrent from fun servers, so I think it would lose players if you mixed up fun&surf...

Normal and Fun on the other hand, is not that diffrent... :P

If you just add some mods to the server (their really easy to install... I've done it several times...)

Like bank mod and other cool mods, then you can hook it up with the GC system, so that you can get 16.000 cash for 1gc or something xP

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I would recommend a lot of Poolday.

There are allready so many servers for poolday 24/7. Poolday is popular, but the people playing it, already have their favorite servers. There's enough poolday.

Yeah... 1 surf server and 1 fun/normal server :P

Surf is so much diffrent from fun servers, so I think it would lose players if you mixed up fun&surf...

I agree. I love surf and fun servers, so I wouldnt mind the mix, but 70% of the players would. If they would be in separate servers, it would be good. Like Sacri said, one for surf, one for normal and fun.

kill the two css servers we have, they'll never be popular anyways.

Hmh. In what time may I ask? Before the IP change of surf server, it was always full, if not full, at least over 20 players on the daytime. In 7am in the morning, here in Finland(GMT+2) it had at least 5 players.

So I wouldn't say that they weren't popular.

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