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  1.  Your in-game name  Wisnia13
  2.  Date of your ban    today
  3.  What game/server are you muted from   Race
  4.  Who banned you (only if you know who)  Nick_026
  5.  Reason why you got banned (only if you know why)   Because i sayid with polish language
  6.  Reason why we should unban you  Because there is no Englsih writing in the regulations and i can write in all langauges in the word if i can. I've been playing on this server for 10 years and I've ne ver met such an idiot who have problem for all what you write in chat in not english. 



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I dont know that write on main chat in english  isnt in rules 😮 anyway its hard change mentality players to write on chat in only  english when by 14 years people can write in each language whenever they want mrgreen its small server if we compare ffs or other rpg and RP servers and these rules couldnt fit to this server 


btw its only my opinion idk what he does i wasnt then on server and i wont protect him  if he broke rules  I just writing here my thoughts ;)

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