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Why Want unmute now

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want unmute rules readed accepted keeped ok i know i want unmute discord mta but I should stick to the rules I would apologize for everything if it weren't for writing [Admin] tag I already have it Mute at 3000 Days but he shouldn't break the rules but he wanted to stick to them what do you have to say I should forgive everyone players admins moderators developers an apology should be accepted I would have to confess if I hadn't Running Camping SH and Spamming And More should get unmute in mta discord

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21 hours ago, HardVadr said:

This time writing and begging for unmute is not enough. you need to do public apology on Voice Chat to [Admins] and the rest of the community. You choose the Date but we want hear something soon 


I would rather leave the community tbh,if I would have to follow this order for exchange to unban.

It would make myself a slave.

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