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ZS : Redeemed Edition Public Demo [14/05/2021 - 19/05/2021]

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Hi greenies ! :mr-green:

A new public demo for Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition is scheduled for the following dates :

Friday, May 14th at 19:00:00 GMT time to Wednesday, May 19th 23:59:59 GMT

(Yes it's a little bit longer than the previous one :D ).


Server IP will be :

You can type connect into your Gmod console if you can't see the server in the list.


We're currently running a private demo for testing purposes, and there may be a few minor bugs remaining after that one, but I will create another thread in which you can post feedback and bug reports in case you encounter some of them.


What won't be part of the demo / isn't available yet :

- In the F1 menu : side buttons (only the Armory, Greenshop and Stats menu can be used for now).

- VIP Shop / VIP status

- Bug report tool.

- Mr Green Gaming account linking


Progress / rewards :

- You will get your greencoins from the last demo if you were present, as well as the Prime Undead title which is given to everyone who played during the first demo as well as this one (we will give the title in batches, so it may not appear the first time you join, feel free to PM / ask on Discord or here if you don't have it).

- Your achievements / titles / icons / greencoins will be saved after the demo and will be restored for the final release, though this may not be the case for the player stats which are prone to be reset.


Hope to see you there ! :gmod:


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