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Haxardous Unfair Discord Mute (Unmute appeal)


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  1.  Your in-game name: V4POR
  2.  Date of your mute: 29.05.2021.
  3.  What game/server are you muted from: discord server
  4.  Who muted you (only if you know who): Haxardous
  5.  Reason why you got muted (only if you know why): "still provoking map authors"
  6.  Reason why we should unban you: because I didn't provoke, exactly the opposite, the other half provoked me

So I was welcomed with a 2 days mute on this morning with the reason "provoking" while hulpje didn't even receive a warn for these comments:

He started this whole thing by saying "also perm ban v4por" on Minecraft server,while I didn't talk to him at all. So case closed.

He always says that he is "ignoring" me while he still talks shit about me. Why am I accused with provoke again,while he says provoking comments about me?

"Still provoking map author(s)"? Like what authors? I admit that I used to speak against Tesla a time ago,but nowadays he managed to be a good person,and we are even in the same team,and we're okay with eachother,which lead me to have a more positive reputation about his maps. At the other end, there is this Hulpje guy which doesn't need explanation again. That's about that I don't show respect towards others... I even showed respect to Hulpje btw,I said he is a great developer,but ofc you all seem to ignore it.

I noticed that you always stand out to the other involved user because he did "contribution" to the server. Like for real? Does it mean that he can be exempt? No.

I also did "support" by donating to server. Should it be the defense point about me? No.

It seems that you have some sort of dislike towards me, like when I was muted last year, gromghost said a comment "lucky bastard got muted" and you didn't even warn him,you didn't care at all, because he can do it. (EVEN you provoked me with the comment: "any words v4por?", while deleting my bugged top.)That's what you did again, you only saw that I'm the bad guy again,and didn't mind what Hulpje said.

Like if you have problem with me,talk to me in pm, don't need these unnecessary judgements at all. Like they would solve anything. You only put oil to the fire. 

Have you ever thought about making "peace" with the 2 (or more) involved people, and make agreement? I guess not,because a simple command is a more easier chance and faster.

I'm sure you will look at this post as a "ted talk" and a "drama",but I got tired because you always speak against me,no matter what I do.

There are 2 options:

After reading this post, thinking about this.

Or the other option,which has more chance sadly; take advantage of your role and "powers",deny this unmute appeal or even extend my punishment, which is exactly what you would do; which I don't really think  it would increase the reputation of the server moderation.

I can't do any more influnce sadly,the chance is in your hands.




Edited by V4POR
Forgot to include that he say these comments on Minecraft server.
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Yeah, go ahead, play as the oppressed one in this too (Patya), I think even after this you still refuse to admit that the problem is all about your taste and not because of anyone else, not @hulpje  or gromghost (SandySweet), you're the one who started turning hulpje as your "enemy" because of the MTA Race maps which he made and pretty much anyone else who made a map which do not match your personal taste.


Pictures speaks aren't they? you've done it not once, but a for thousand time and you still play as the oppressed one, am just a staff who's doing his role, I don't have anything on you and trying to stop you from provoking the rest of the players, I don't dislike you, but your behavior (and your map related comments) makes others have a negative attitude towards you, I personally don't like some maps, we share the same opinion and taste among some maps but I won't attack personally anyone because of that.




We just ask you to be respectful with your fellow community players and stop commenting negatively about what they make.








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I can see how you think it's unfair, because it could be argued that @hulpje was not completely innocent either in this particular scenario, however the reason why you got muted and not him has more to do with how you have acted previously towards him as shown in the comment from @Haxardous.

I do want to be absolutely clear that we do not normally extend a punishment from an appeal, so I think it is unnecessary from you to make such a negative assumption on us. When it comes to whether we have thought of "making peace" between members in a dispute, it is not our job to act as kindergarten teachers to work out pointless arguments. - It is expected that you can keep the peace among yourselves like adults. Then if you don't then honestly that's on you.

Appeal denied. -Locking this thread.

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