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2 years, nothing has changed

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ps: i was muted by him for insult while i was typing these (like i fucking care), let's see what warning he gets (he won't get any, no surprise)


kash blocks = zzz...

kash speaks polish in general chat = zzz...

kash speaks racist = zzz... 

when i block him in counter = *in 5 seconds* you have been marked as a blocker by hardballsuckerz (note that he is polish also)

(no mark to kash)

literally he is watching me and waiting me to lose my cool and block in reply to his blocks, then immediately marks as a blocker. like a trap

when i confront kash, his response = "send video proof" (like i'm recording like a psych), "i'm not blocking, ramming is allowed" (like he is fucking deciding if it's blocking or ramming, this shit is pure comedy for me, i'm enjoying it)

when i tell him to do the same = "i don't need video proof" (yeah he doesn't, because he holds all power within his stupid corrupt mod friends)


yeah, i didn't really have hope or someshit

look at the people who you give authority to, a1 english at most. fucking disgrace.

note: i don't have screens of earlier talk, i hope he has taken screenshots as he told me i really want them there too

conclusion: 90% of your mods, etc. are dogshit, retards, and racists. if i get treated like this, i also hold rights to insult your stupid mods.

if rules only apply to certain people then there are no rules for me. i don't give a shit.

bonus (out of context): earlier today A MOD warned some people to not speak languages other than english in main chat and all kash did was laugh at it.


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It's disgusting to see that staff stands next to a player like him. (Again)

He is a laughing material basically, but when he gets protected,it can be annoying and I can understand Okan's fustration.

Btw, he always saves himself with the line "ram is allowed", referring to a rule. But he outplays the rule itself, his moves are basically the same as going to the wrong way or skip checkpoints to block someone. This move serves the same purpose as the "blocker" moves mentioned earlier. So it makes no sense in my opinion, and this phenomenon can upset a lot of players, and of course those will be punished who are provoked by this ramming thing. (Based on personal experience,this happened with several players ramming me.)

So Kash, don't get surprised,if someone tries to give back what you did to him, and stop capturing every single moment  when players are trying to give you back what you deserve most of the time. These captures makes you seem innocent, while the opposite is happening.

Same happening with insults towards you. If you mock someone, it's fine, if someone gives you back, you report him or threaten him with punishment.

Update:  Did you really post a 3 year old video as proof? Nice....

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First of all, if you're not involved, do NOT post.

Im not taking anyones part, but as fast as you capture any proof of someone blocking you, make a thread and use the proof u gathered, i will be the first to sign up on a punishment for that. At this moment i cant do much other than just simply telling you to capture any proof of rulebreaking. 

Im glad you pointed out that one of our mods uses this kind of rhetoric though, thats not acceptable whatsoever.

- Warning issued for Hardstylerz

- No action taken against Kash


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