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My chat with Werandomnize:

Mr. Darkness: hey... again :D

Werandomnize: SO

Werandomnize: HAI

Werandomnize: MAITE

Mr. Darkness: caps? O_O

Werandomnize: NAH



Mr. Darkness: did i ask you to join my community yesterday? :3

Werandomnize: Eh.

Werandomnize: Was it some German thingy?

Mr. Darkness: no?

Werandomnize: Then I didn't get anything.

Mr. Darkness: www.darkyzone.ucoz.com

Werandomnize: Oh that.

Werandomnize: I'm not going to join that.

Werandomnize: XD

Werandomnize: No offense.

Werandomnize: I keep my e-mail to myself.

Mr. Darkness: why not? :<

Werandomnize: -nod nod-

Werandomnize: <- doesn't like spam-

Mr. Darkness: i dont know ur email... o wait i no

Werandomnize: ...

Werandomnize: No you don't.

Werandomnize: ...

Werandomnize: Shoo, go away.

Werandomnize: XD

Mr. Darkness: i have your in my email adress

Werandomnize: I know.

Werandomnize: :\

Mr. Darkness: lol

Mr. Darkness: ur too active today :D

Mr. Darkness: :P

Mr. Darkness: i like it

Mr. Darkness: yeah

Mr. Darkness: so

Mr. Darkness: let

Mr. Darkness: me ask

Werandomnize: No, I'm not on speed.

Werandomnize: Or any other pep.

Mr. Darkness: yesterday i tryed the thingy with citizens+path_corner

Werandomnize: tried*

Mr. Darkness: it didnt work D:

Mr. Darkness: yes

Mr. Darkness: ty

Werandomnize: :P

Mr. Darkness: how to make it work?

Mr. Darkness: i mean

Mr. Darkness: well

Werandomnize: http://www.hl2world.com/wiki/index.php/Spawn_Moving_NPCs

Werandomnize: have fun.

Mr. Darkness: lol

Mr. Darkness: well when i spawn i have some citizens in my base

Mr. Darkness: i added some moving points for them

Mr. Darkness: but they didn't go to thos ways

Mr. Darkness: why? :/

Werandomnize: Just follow the website's instructions.

Mr. Darkness: :S

Mr. Darkness: tell me u betta

Werandomnize: http://www.hl2world.com/wiki/index.php/Spawn_Moving_NPCs

Werandomnize: http://www.hl2world.com/wiki/index.php/Spawn_Moving_NPCs

Werandomnize: http://www.hl2world.com/wiki/index.php/Spawn_Moving_NPCs

Werandomnize: http://www.hl2world.com/wiki/index.php/Spawn_Moving_NPCs

Werandomnize: I'm busy.

Werandomnize: XD

Mr. Darkness: damn lol

Mr. Darkness: ur not busy dont lie

Mr. Darkness: LIES

Mr. Darkness: LIES

Mr. Darkness: LIES

Mr. Darkness: LIES

Mr. Darkness: LISE

Mr. Darkness: *LIES

Mr. Darkness: LEIS

Mr. Darkness: LIES

Mr. Darkness: LIES

Mr. Darkness: LIES

Mr. Darkness: LIES

Mr. Darkness: LIES

Mr. Darkness: LIES

Mr. Darkness: ...

Mr. Darkness LIES

Werandomnize: Indeed, you are lying.

Mr. Darkness: lol

Mr. Darkness Is going to cry and tell everything to his momy so she will make a fresh meat from Werandomnize

Werandomnize: You know what.

Werandomnize: I'd much rather give your mother some fresh meat.

Mr. Darkness will lol also

Mr. Darkness lold

Werandomnize: I knew it.

Mr. Darkness knew it also

Werandomnize: At least I would get to bone your mother.

Werandomnize: So yeah.

Mr. Darkness is going to cry and tell everything to his daddy (bioshock daddy) so he will make a good spagetti meat from Werandomnize

Werandomnize will call Alyx Vance to get a car and drive along the coast infected with Antlions so your Big Daddy can't follow me.

Mr. Darkness will buy new assistants (antlions, headcrabs, zombies, combine) to catch Werandomnize with Alyx Vence

Mr. Darkness has enough money

Werandomnize has a zero point field manipulator so I can through your combine around with ease.

Mr. Darkness: I --> he

Werandomnize: go through*

Werandomnize would easily own Darkness.

Mr. Darkness: LIES

Werandomnize never lies.

Werandomnize only lies to woman.

Mr. Darkness thinks that Werandomnize wont own Mr. Darkness, If Werandomnize would have a try, the combine helicopter would shoot Werandomnize in head. So Werandomnize would go and say it all to his SUPERROBOCOMBOEXTRAULTRA mommy and she would splash every one and leave only meat and blood pieces. Lold

Werandomnize: Wow.

Werandomnize: Cool.

Mr. Darkness: XD

Mr. Darkness: XD

Werandomnize would still win.

Mr. Darkness would say: Lies

Werandomnize: My bloody pieces of flesh would turn into razor sharp projectiles and, and... they would pierce through all of your forces and you.

Mr. Darkness: >.>

Mr. Darkness: <.<

Mr. Darkness runs away to find some weapon!

Werandomnize: "some weapon"

Werandomnize grabs a crowbar.

Mr. Darkness: /e found it!

Werandomnize: That's all I need.

Mr. Darkness found it

Werandomnize: Founded?

Mr. Darkness: the weapon is...

Werandomnize: A vibrator.

Mr. Darkness: No.

Werandomnize: A buttplug.

Werandomnize: A cow?

Mr. Darkness uses words! He sais that Werandomnize is shit! *Werandomnize explodes with anger*

Mr. Darkness: so i win

Werandomnize: Okay.

Mr. Darkness: XD

Sorry for a so big text.

Anyway, post your chat at which you lold.

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