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PP Meeting third edition

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Welcome 🥰

I would invite all players from Mrgreen and Race Community 🫂 on event which will 1 May in sunday at 20 CEST ⌚. I hope more players find time and come on server :mr-green:. I chose 15 maps 🗺️ which are often playable on Mrgreen 


list maps which i picked  💯

1.Never The Same🔰

2.Never The Same Again 🔰

3.Alenator_Always [RACE]🔰

4.Alenator_Chemicals vol.1 [RACE]🔰

5.Alenator_Chemicals vol.2 [RACE]🔰

6.Alenator_Country War [RACE]🔰

7.Alenator Footsprints [RACE]🔰

8.Stroth Ameno🔰

9. Stroth Bus Simulator🔰

10. LasBoxes🔰

11. MarkersHeaven🔰

12. Core Markers- Doot Camp🔰

13. Core Markers - Get Lemon🔰

14. Core Markers 2🔰

15. Save_Me v2🔰


See ya in Sunday ^^

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12 hours ago, -TESLA- said:

It was fun, thank you. Jacop you rocked and changed the camera so much that i got a headache watching it.


First time recording that type of event. You can give me ideas how i can improve, because i only know how to record MTA:SA Pro games.

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3 hours ago, J4cobLIVE said:


Bu tür bir olayı ilk kez kaydediyorum. Nasıl geliştirebileceğim konusunda bana fikir verebilirsiniz çünkü ben sadece MTA:SA Pro oyunlarını nasıl kaydedeceğimi biliyorum.

I apologize for any mistakes in my translation.

I'm not very experienced myself, here are the recommendations I can give.
1- looking back from the car ahead; This is so wrong, this is what gave me the most headache.
2- shaking the camera too much; yes it can be funny and fun to do it once in a while but it's bad when done too often.
3- Changing players frequently. The man who goes on his way alone in the 15th row, make sure no one cares :)
4- We would like to watch the front one, but if the front one has lost a lot of difference and is advancing alone, we should not show it, the camera should be in the rear one among those advancing collectively.
5- exaple, the 1st is very far, the 2nd is in the future, 3rd-4th-5th. The person is close to each other and they are in competition, you should have us watch the competition through the 5th person.

Someone who knows can correct me if I'm wrong.

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I would thank you all players for came on my event I hope it was great fun on NTS and Core Markers maps. for sure I will organize more events like this. next PP meeting expect in June. :mr-green:

Winners : 🏆

1. 🥇 fonfon - 5000gc 

2. 🥈 H@rD$tYleRZz! - 2500gc

3. 🥉 Mateoryt - 1500gc

4.🎖️ Nostral - 750gc

5.🎖️ haell - 750gc 

Congratulations dear players 

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