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Banned on Discord

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1. helloCREEP
2. 5th May, 2022
3. Mr. Green Discord server
4. I don't know who banned me. 
5. I don't know the reason. I left my PC for a few minutes and when I returned, I couldn't find Mr. Green on my Discord. When I tried to rejoin the server from the link on forums, I realised that I was banned. 
6. I should be unbanned because that's where I chat. :D  

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I don't even remember talking to that guy. I prefer to ignore his provocations, I remember before I was banned, he said something about banning me "for fun", which I thought was a joke, so I replied with jokes.
There are dozens of users who break the rules every other day (politics, racism etc.), yet I am the one who was targeted. Even in January, I was the one muted for a week by that same Manager even though it was clearly Nick1921 who provoked first. 

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I like how you just go through a bunch of lies and always are the 'problematic' one, yet you always try to be such a saint in front of your friends. I don't believe people would complain about your behavior if there wasn't a case. There was no provocation (unless you're purely talking about yourself), just as well as:

On 5/11/2022 at 5:56 AM, helloCREEP said:

I don't even remember talking to that guy.

It's not like I don't talk everyday there and got to see your replies all the way around in terms of my persona.

Pretty ironic that you have even publicly admitted of getting banned almost everywhere you've been so far at least once, I could probably only congratulate you on such achievement.

Crème de la crème of your innocence:


For now wait another 6 months and then submit another appeal.



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