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Medal of Honor Reborn


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Yea, Im glad they try something new, but why Iraq/Afghanistan/Middle-East? Boring!

Even WW2 would be better if fought somewhere else than Normandy.

Why wont they make a game that where you are able to play as germany(like next CoD was going to, until they changed it to some fucking Vietnam)?

And cool that the guy in the game-cover is a real person, part of the USA Special Forces- troops in Afghanistan :P

MoH: Airborne was good though.

E: Im just happy that DICE is designing the multiplayer, so its probably going to be awesome.

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Ok, now we know that you are a MoH fan.

I am not. Im just saying that MoH: Airborne is good. And Hell's Highway is awesome.

Airborn sucks monkeychunks

MOH: Allied Assault was, and still is the best in the series.

I agree :) still remember when i played Allied Assault Vodoo dolls such an awesome mod

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I remember Freezetag gamemode from MOH : AA drool.gif

I miss that game.

Back then MoH was good.

God, that indeed was awesome.

And liberation, if you died you went to a jail in the enemy base.

You had to free your teammates by pushing a button/pulling a lever :clown:

Liberation was indeed great. No one plays it anymore. There are freeztag servers still. I usually just play TDM when I play though.

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I remember when I first played MoH Allied Assault, hadn't heard of CoD yet. ^^ Though I never finished it, I got stuck in 'sniper town'. :V

Last year I played MoH: Airborne, it was pretty fun too, but more like a game you play inbetween and never play again after you finished it. :bon:

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