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Opposition: blocking and insulting in foreign language


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  1. Your ingame name: V4POR
  2. The player's name who you are reporting: opposition (also known as MysteriousBirdcage42)
  3. Which server are you requesting this: MTA Race
  4. The reason why this player should get punished: blocking and insulting in foreign language


The time has come to make this section active again, sadly. Things go fine on the MTA Race server nowadays, but there is a troublemaking player called "opposition", who keeps ramming me, and insulting in Serbian.

This player is already known among some players and admins for insulting. He caught my attention, when he started to complain about maps being replayed. Then he said he will dedicate his game to screw my game up.


And so he did, because from this message onward, he kept trying to ram me in different maps. Because he plays everyday, it gets really tiring to deal with this guy, and I started to lose my patience towards him. Yes, I know about the most broken rule on the servers, aka ramming being allowed, but attempting to ram me on every single map with non-ghostmode? Really?

This went for a while, until an another occasion, when he started to insult me in Serbian. And you will see that he didn't really say the nicest things.





As I said, I started to lose my patience, and today he hit the final nail in the coffin, by waiting for me and blocking me on a circuit type of map. So I had no other chance, but to let others know about how dirty this player is.



I know these aren't the most clear proofs possible, but it's enough to prove two things: firstly, that he headed towards me which can be seen clearly. The second thing is that he was already more than 52 seconds behind me, as can be seen on the rankboard. Which means he didn't take checkpoints, waited for me at that spot to ran towards me, which equals with blocking. (Then of course he just left the server.)


So, to anyone reading this, if you see a player from Serbia with Sebastian Vettel as profile picture, be careful, because:

  • This guy can't race clearly, and will try to aim to ram you.
  • He keeps complaining about maps being replayed, no matter which map is about to be replayed, if it's not a CoreMarker map.
  • In a worse scenario, there is a chance that he will insult you in Serbian, with such messages as you can read on the screenshots.
  • Sometimes he even blocks, as can be seen on the screenshots, although if others ram or hit him, he's complaining and calls others blockers.
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